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Amaru LLC is changing the auto shipping industry with our integrity, work ethic, and cutting-edge technology. If you’re excited to make a real difference in the day today for truckers alike, and more, we’d love to work with you. Become a driver with us, and you’ll have a chance to revolutionize your industry. Most importantly, you’ll be part of a group of experts who genuinely care about there drivers, optimizing cargo transportation and providing outstanding customer service. 



We know how important it is to find a partner that fits your values, needs, and vision. We’re excited to get to know you and expand your horizons. Get in touch with us today.


Our ultimate goal is to become the standard by which all vehicle-shipping is measured, servicing the widest range of individual customers, corporations of any size and business partners within the United States.



At Amaru LLC our mission is to deliver a 5-star vehicle-shipping experience to every customer by blending innovative logistics solutions with commitment to service excellence that delights.

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Amaru LLCs core values are deeply ingrained principles that shape our culture and guide our business strategy. They are: integrity, service excellence, leadership, innovation and simplicity in operations.

The desion you make today will predic your tomorrow 


At Amaru LLC, we treat our drivers like family. We train and hire new drivers, experienced, professional drivers for our fleet. Our routes run primarily in the Southern, Midwestern, and Eastern regions of the United States, and you’ll get to choose the route that works best for you and your family. We also provide service between the Midwest and Georgia, as well as to and from the Northeast, if that suits you. Our driver are paid by percentage with rate that are competitive with the market. 

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